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In 2014 we successfully started our Kilimanjaro Charity Challenges. As we want to continue the Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge we have planned two trips for the this year 2015 . In June and in September 2015 we are going to travel to Tanzania, Africa, and together we will climb the famous Mountain Kilimanjaro. 10% of your payment will be used as a donation to support the “Good Hope Orphanage Center”, located in Arusha, Tanzania, and as well to provide the Primary School “Faith Light School” with needed equipment which is situated in Western Kilimanjaro rural area.

At just under six thousand metres high, this mountain is no push over but it is spectacular. If you want to landmark a point in your life where you did something really special, then this mountain fits the bill.

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1. Monday 4th June 2015

Fly to Tanzania. Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge 2015  as we do not organise flights, you will need to book your own but we will tell you the best time to arrive, and more than likely, we’ll be on the same flight. We do suggest a travel agency that we work with – Bookotel. There will be a set time to meet at Kilimanjaro International Airport for our airport transfer.

Day 2. Tuesday 5th June 2015

Arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport where we transfer to our hotel in Arusha. There where we shall have dinner and a briefing about the next few days. We have a selection of hotels we use, see opposite, all of which have been inspected and approved.

Day 3. Wednesday 6th June 2015. Machame Gate to Machame Camp.

In the morning, we travel by chartered bus to Machame Gate and the start of our adventure. After registering and meeting our local guides and porters, we set off at a slow pace in order to encourage our acclimatization.

We now leave the park gate and walk through the rain forest on a winding trail up a ridge. Lower down, the trail can be muddy and slippery. Gaiters and trekking poles are a good idea here. We continue a short distance until we reach the Machame Camp.

This pace is slow, slower than you might expect but it has been shown to work for many years. We travel through equatorial rainforest where we are likely to see unusual flowers, birds and monkeys.

As we walk, we get to know each other and the local staff. It’s about 5-7 hours walking. We spent the night at the Machame Camp at 3100 metres.

dinner and overnight at machame camp.

Day 4. Thursday 7th June 2015. Machame Camp to Shira Caves.

Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge 2015  we wake early to get the best from the day and that starts by having a good breakfast. The route takes us up a rocky section as we leave the forest and enter scrubland. Again, the pace is slow with plenty of stops as our aim is not to get to the top as quickly as we can but to spend time on the mountain thereby allowing our bodies to adjust to the altitude. Our camp for tonight is Shira Caves, 3840 metres, and we may chose to walk through for a late sit-down lunch at the camp. About 4-6 hours walking, which will give us the rest of the afternoon to explore the immediate area or to relax and admire the views.

Day 5. Friday 8th June 2015. Shira Caves to Barranco Camp.

Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge 2015  today we walk from our camp to the Lava Tower at 4,600 metres and then descend to 3,900 metres to Barranco Camp.

We shall have plenty of changes of view today as we move across the mountain with moonscape like scenery, and a view up towards the infamous Western Breach. As we walk down to our tents, we’ll pass weird and wonderful plant life such as giant senecious and lobelia.

By now, we will be into our daily rhythm of walking, eating, singing songs and sleeping in tents – all with a mixture of added excitement, as we get closer to our goal.

Day 6. Saturday 9th June 2015. Barranco Camp to Karanga Camp.

Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge 2015  we start the day with a challenge – the Barranco Wall, which is a scramble in places but looks harder than it is. It does provide some spectacular views back on our last camp and across the valley. We drop down into the Keranga Valley and a short climb up to our next camp, which is at 3,963 metres. This is purposefully a shorter day. It is also an extra day compared to some companies but it makes the next day a short hop to our base camp and then the summit, and again aids our acclimatisation.

Day 6/ Day 7. Sunday 10th/ Monday 11th June. Karanga Camp to Barafu Camp to summit, descend through Barafu and to Millennium Camp

Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge 2015  an exciting day as this is what we have come for. We leave Karanga camp and walk across the plains to Barafu Camp at 4,600 metres. There is an air of anticipation as we prepare ourselves, eat and rehydrate, and have our final briefing. Then it’s a final pack, checking we have a working head torch, and a rest in our tents before our wake-up call at midnight.It’s a little cold as we drink tea and have a snack and then we are off. We are still at our customary pace, and glancing back down the mountain we’ll become part of the trail of lights of others attempting the summit. It is a long night but this is where our steady pace and time on the mountain will pay off.

Our local guides and porters will sing African songs, including the famous Kilimanjaro song, which will motivate us all to keep going.

Suddenly, there will be a buzz throughout the group; an orange line will have broken the horizon as the sun declares it is morning. We’ll all draw energy as this grows and with a confidence that we are going to make it. Before very long we are at the crater rim, Stella Point 5756 metres. Kilimanjaro is a volcano so we are at the top; however, for those that want to, we walk the extra hour or so to the highest point on the rim, Uhuru Peak at 5895 metres. Then there’s that classic photo of us at the summit board.

Having walked through the night, we are now well into Day 7. Getting to the summit is only half way, and we now make our way back down to Barafu Camp where we refuel and pack up our gear. We don’t stop here but continue to descend to Millennium Camp, which is at 3000 metres. Exhausted but elated, we relax, share special moments, and we can even buy a beer.

Day 8. Tuesday 12th June.2015 , Millennium Camp to Mweka Gate to Arusha.

Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge 2015  this is our final walk out and off the mountain, leaving at Mweka Gate where we’ll pick up our well-earned certificates. Then it’s a drive back to Arusha and our hotel. Hot showers, a pre dinner drink perhaps and our celebratory meal.

Day 9. Wednesday 13th June.2015 – Arusha to Safari in Ngorongoro Crater.

Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge 2015  we are met by our guides early in the morning and we drive out to Ngorongoro crater, it is self an old volcano. Here the great animals of Africa all live in the same place, and we will have the chance of driving around the park to watch and observe them. Our guides are experienced and knowledgeable and will know where to take us for the best sightings. We will spend the night at the Endoro Lodge.

Day 10. Thursday 14th June.2015 – Endoro Lodge to Arusha to Airport

We leave the lodge/hotel and head back to Arusha, and depending on flights, (we will recommend you book an evening departure from KIA), with time to do some souvenir shopping before heading to the airport.

Day 11. Friday 15th June.2015 – Arrive home.

To soak up the glory of your brilliant achievement.

For further information regarding the Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge program:


50 children live in the Good Hope Orphanage and get provided with the minimum need of food. Together they share four-bed bedrooms with 8 children each. Clothes, food and school material are the main problems of this orphanage. By the money donated due to the Kilimanjaro Charity Challenge we want to buy them livestock and plant seeds to give them the chance of generating their own money by breeding, cultivating and selling the animals and crops. Furthermore skills of responsibility and entrepreneurship get trained, as well as it is a contribution to economic welfare.

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