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Reviews about Gosheni Adventures

Faith Light Primary School is located in an extremely remote area and caters for the children of the surrounding Maasai Villages. There is an ongoing battle to promote the importance of education amongst the Maasai people as many of the elders prefer the children to grow up in the traditional way of life without any formal education.

Faith Light Primary School is not against keeping traditions alive but would like to provide the children to attend is by providing food.

Sadly the school often runs out of money to buy food and therefore the attendance decreases.

The school is situated in a very poor area and although there is some financial help from the government for each school, the amount received is very small and does not go very far.

The school exists mainly from donations usually from some of the parents if they are able to afford o help or from tourist who may have ventures into such remote areas.

The building is extremely run down with only a few classrooms.

There is very little school furniture and almost no equipment. There is a desperate need for writing materials and text books for children.

As the area is so remote, the school need to provide accommodation for qualified teachers to come and work.

Unfortunately the standard of accommodation is so low that it is too difficult to persuade teachers to stay therefore the children rely on local people to come and teach them.

Gosheni Adventures is starting a development programme for the school whereby we can take our clients who wish to help and also organize regular visits for medical care.