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Tanzania Budget Safaris  Going on Safari is often perceived as being very expensive!! but there are other cheaper options that will also give you a true feeling of being on an African Safaris. We have a number of  Tanzania Budget Safaris options available in the Tanzania National Parks and then also our Tanzania Budget camping safaris both of which are well within your budget.

In fact our Tanzania Budget safaris   we called it Classic Camping  Safaris which will be more adventure as what you expecting for affordable cost, Our Classic  camping safaris are a true outdoor experience in East Africa, where you can listen to the captivating sounds of nature and wildlife in the wilderness of the vast African savannah

Tanzania Budget Safaris  are not only attractive to the budget traveler, but also a unique way to get closer to nature and wildlife. The mobile fly camps are set in selected sites.

They consists of Canvas  tents with simple stretcher like camping beds, Mattress, bed sheets, blankets and clean towels  while  Our cooks prepare and serve simple but delicious meals with glass of wine every dinner time during the safari,

The campfire in the evenings allows the visitor to enjoy the tranquility of the African which is sometimes interrupted by the roar of lions and the laughter of the hyenas but this depending on private camp site and not the public camps.. .

Contact us for all your   Tanzania Budget Safaris .. or Email us at info@gosheniadventures.com

View below sample Itineraries BUT if not enough you can create your own Tanzania Budget Safari Here!!

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