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Reviews about Gosheni Adventures

Night game drives   the bush is a completely different world at night which is what makes night game drives  so special. Manyara National Park is the only national park that allows  night game drives  – this is a really exciting experience that we would love to share with you.

Ndarakwai Ranch  West Kilimanjaro this also a place that a  night game drives  on the ranch is available
Ndarakwai Ranch is over 11,000 acres in size and located in Siha District, West Kilimanjaro. The privately owned ranch is an experiment in self-sustaining conservation preserving a variety of habitats that are home to over 65 mammal species, and 350 bird species (at last count).Ndarakwai Ranch is part of the Amboseli National Park / Ngasurai Basin eco-system and helps to preserve important seasonal elephant routes. Many species are permanent residents, while others use Ndarakwai seasonally.

Night game drives   are accompanied by two guides, one sitting on the bonnet of the jeep with a spotlight. At night animals behave quite differently than during the day. Hippos come out of the water and graze like cattle, Serval and civet cats come out to hunt, and you may even see porcupines or, if you are really lucky, a leopard.

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