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Lemosho Route  the Kilimanjaro best ascent route which takes 8 days is regarded as one of the prettiest route on Kilimanjaro,This is the longest and most remote route to the Mount Kilimanjaro. the Lemosho Route  is one of the newer routes on the mountain, and a marvelous choice for your climb. It is our recommended route for you to success due to our long time experience organised over 100 Kilimanjaro Climbs group.


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Day 01: Arrival in Tanzania.

Lemosho Route  on your Arrival at Kilimanjaro International Airport you will meet and greet by Gosheni Adventures Representative, then transfer to Ndarakwai Camp is a permanent tented lodge on Ndarakwai ranch, West Kilimanjaro. . Lunch., Briefing and Kit checking.

With views of both Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru, Ndarakwai Camp is nestled in a lush forest of towering fig, podo, and yellow-barked acacias that line the seasonal Ngare Nairobi River.

Guests gather around a campfire at dusk for snacks and sundowners. Welcome the African night, replete with elephants that ghost through the camp and the haunting cries of bush babies in the trees.

Candlelight and kerosene lanterns provide romantic evening light.The small amount of electricity used is solar generated. Close attention is paid to impact on neighboring communities, at the lodge you will be having a good time for an acclimatization ,walking to the tree house where animals come for drinking , evening cultural tour visit Maasai boma and opportunity of night game drive.


Day 02: Lemosho Route Rain Forest -Big tree camp

Lemosho Route  early breakfast at the camp then transfer to Londorosi gate for registration. After registration you will drive to the Starting Point for lunch where your trekking will start after lunch to the big tree camp.


Day 03: Shira one ( Shira Caldera)

Lemosho Route  today will be a relatively easy day, taking things slowly to start, with a height gain of around 2,000ft / 610m. As part of the acclimatization program, we have included this relatively low camp to give you a chance to get used to the climbing conditions. It takes us to a beautiful wilderness camp unvisited by the majority of trekkers just outside the Shira crater at around 10,000ft / 3,050m. Approx (6hrs) Ascend.


Day 04: Shira Two ( Shira Plateau)

You will further cross into the shira Caldera, a high altitude desert plateau rarely visited by man. Strong walkers may wish to visit Jonsell Point 13, 000ft / 3, 280mt. En route. This is the highest point on the remaining Shira crater ridge. The detour will be very valuable in helping you to acclimatize to the altitude. Shira is the third of Kilimanjaro’s volcanic cones. You will camp at Shira one 11, 500ft / 3, 500. (5hrs) Ascend. Approx 6 hours walk.


Day 05: Barancco wall (Southern Flank)

Lemosho Route  a superb day’s trekking that takes you to southern flank, passing down the Barranco Valley to the camp at Barranco Wall. Here you will camp at 12,900ft/ 3,900m and only 400ft higher than your previous night’s camp at SHIRA TWO, but the walk will have taken you well over 14,500ft / 4,400m offering valuable altitude acclimatization. The camp at Barranco is one of the most spectacular on Kilimanjaro. Today’s Trek will take approximately 7-10 hours.


Day 06: Karanga valley

Lemosho Route  early morning you will start with a climb up Barranco wall 13, 680ft / 4, 270m with an immediate height gain of 700ft to admire the views of Mount Meru and the plains far below. You will continue across the ridges and valleys to Karanga valley where you will have a relaxing afternoon and dinner. There are optional treks to visit the first signs of ice, and scree walking will be possible. Again this walk is highly recommended to aid with maximizing your altitude acclimatization. (4-6 hrs) Ascend


Day 07: Barafu Bridge

Lemosho Route  you will start early, making your way to the Barafu Ridge camp 15, 090ft / 4, 600m. The trek up Barafu Ridge is tough due to the altitude. Rest in the afternoon followed by an early dinner and rest again until midnight when you start your final push to attempt the Kilimanjaro summit.


Day 08: Sumit day.
Lemosho Route  today the start will be very early than usual with only a cup of tea.
We will start to attempt the Kili Summit 19,340ft/5895 meters. As you continue to the Summit you will not only be guided by your guides and other members of crew but the beautiful sunrise (never seen before) will come out encouraging you to get to stella point then Uhuru Peak.

First light is apparent around 05H30 and this really gives you hope to push forward.

You should reach stella Point ( 18,865ft / 5,750m on the crater rim)just after dawn after ashort rest continue for another hour or so round to Uhuru peak. Definitely this is to be one of the toughest day that you will experience.
All in all it is a VICTORY DAY!
After photo taking Ceremony at the Top of Africa you will then descend to Barafu Camp for lunch.
After lunch you will then proceed to Millenium camp for a celebratory Dinner


Day 09: Descend to Mweka gate

Lemosho Route  today you will walk down through the beautiful rain forest to Mweka Gate. The tough times are not yet over, as this is quite a steep wilderness route. And often the track is muddy and rutted sometimes overgrown with tree roots. Those trekkers with tired and stiff joints form the previous day will find this walk off quite difficult. After four to six hours you will reach the gate for a picnic lunch , presentation of certificates and triumphant photos.
Then you will be driven to Snow Crest Hotel Arusha for a well appreciated shower and a large, celebratory dinner. Naturally the bar will be open until late.


End of the Lemosho Route services

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