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Active Tanzania Adventure from the the endless plains of the Serengeti, the eight wonder of the world – Ngorongoro Crater to Zanzibar and the Indian Ocean – discover the best of Tanzania. In the company of our expert guides, explore the world’s best game parks in pursuit of Africa’s ‘Big 5’ and end your adventure by the azure blue Indian Ocean. Our agile 4×4 will get you to close to some of the planet’s most amazing wildlife.

And, with good lodging in the parks, you can stay close to the action without having to worry about the chores—so you can focus on the magnificent terrain and fantastic views. If you’re craving adventures and wildlife encounters that will leave you breathless, here’s the fix.

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Day 1 Home town – Arusha

Active Tanzania Adventure  you meet at your Airport for early morning flight with, via Amsterdam (or similar) to Kilimanjaro airport, near Arusha, arriving in the evening. Here you will be picked up by Gosheni Safaris Africa . who will take you to the hotel that is not far from the airport. Here it’s possible to have some food before bed, waiting for those who are tired after the journey.

You have a great day ahead of you tomorrow.


Day 2 Ngorongoro Crater

Active Tanzania Adventure after breakfast we drive into the Ngorongoro Crater, which once was a huge volcano. The crater is 20 km in diameter and 600 feet deep and hides a wonderful protected natural area inhabited partly by the elephants, zebras, lions and rhinos. Also living here is the semi-nomadic Maasai tribe known worldwide for its unique clothing and culture. Tonight we overnight on the crater rim.

The Ngorongoro Conservation Area (NCA) is a conservation area and a UNESCO World Heritage Site situated 180 km (110 mi) west of Arusha in the Crater Highlands area of Tanzania.

The conservation area is administered by the Ngorongoro Conservation Area Authority, an arm of the Tanzanian government, and its boundaries follow the boundary of the Ngorongoro Division of Ngorongoro District. The Ngorongoro Crater, a large volcanic caldera, lies within the area.


Day 3 Serengeti National Park

Active Tanzania Adventure  today, the world famous•Serengeti National Park, are providing for today’s memorable images and stories. Serengeti is the area where variety of nature- and animal films are recorded. The famous movie the “Lion King” is also based on landscape and nature in the Serengeti. On our way we pass by•Olduvai Gorge, the home of our ancestors, where we have found the oldest remains of our ancestors. Dinner and overnight in Serengeti.


Day 4 Serengeti National Park

Active Tanzania Adventure today  we will spend all day to become known in the Serengeti, and to pursue new fantastic animal experiences. If we are lucky, this can be the season to find the huge migration of millions of wildebeest and zebras. Day 5 Lake Manyara After breakfast we set sail for the salty lake Manyara and the slightly different animal life that exists there. Manyara is known for tree climbing lions, herds of baboons and elephants as well as many other animals.


Day 6 Lake Manyara – Zanzibar

Active Tanzania Adventure  if you’d like it, we can have a little drive in the park to look for the lions that are easiest to find early in the morning.

Lake Manyara National Park is known for the flamingos that inhabit the lake. During the wet season they inhabit the edges of the lake in flocks of thousands but they are not so present during the dry season.
More than 400 species of birds inhabit the park and many remain throughout the year. Because of this Lake Manyara National Park is a good spot for bird watching. Visitors to the park can expect to see upwards of 100 different species of bird on any day.
Leopards, lions, elephants, blue monkeys, dik-dik, gazelle, hippo, giraffe, impala, and more inhabit the park and many can be seen throughout the year.

There is a hippo pond at one end of the park where visitors can get out of their cars and observe from a safe distance. The leopards and lions are both known to lounge in the trees while not hunting for prey.

Afterwards we eat breakfast and head for the airport for a 1.5 hour-long flight to Zanzibar.

After a great ride with wonderful views, we are now ready to explore Zanzibar’s secrets. A guide will pick you up at the airport and take you to the hotel. After checking in, we leave for a guided tour of Stone Town where you will visit the Sultan’s palace and the slave market, and a great trip to one of Zanzibar’s many luxuriant spice plantations. You will enjoy the night at the grand hotel Mtoni Marine, a hotel just outside of Stone Town, with a great swimming pool, AC, a small beach and two restaurants with excellent food. Here you can enjoy good food and good service the next three nights.


Day 7 Safari Blue• – Experience the wet part of Zanzibar .

Active Tanzania Adventure  today we set sail out to sea with a dhow, an•Arab sailing boat. For those who wish to explore the mangroves, there will be opportunity for canoeing in the mangroves. There are also plenty of time for swimming and exploring the exotic snorkelling paradise.

The lucky ones also experience to see the dolphin clouds jump out of the water along the gunwale.

A sight for the eye (and camera)! Included in this tour is a great lunch, based on sea secrets, exotic spices and tropical fruits. Included is also drinks served during the trip.


Day 8 Zanzibar Beach

Active Tanzania Adventure  today you can relax or possibly book a trip directly from the hotel. Are you fond of diving, then Zanzibar have fantastic dive sites. Zanzibar is an archipelago that is full of opportunities. You can safely (during daylight) move freely in Stone Town, which is a short walk from the hotel. In the evening we recommend a short taxi ride to the Mercury Bar, named for rock legend Freddie Mercury. The bar offers a comfortable atmosphere with a fresh breeze from the sea that rolls up on the beach right under your feet, in addition to enjoy delicious food and drinks.


Day 9 Zanzibar Beach

Active Tanzania Adventure  we suggest an unforgettable experience on a trip where you spend the morning and afternoon to swim with dolphins, far offshore. But to get to the big dolphin herds, we need to get up early in the morning.


Day 10 From Zanzibar experiences to the mainland beach paradise

After lunch checking out of the hotel, we’ll transport you to the pier where you are ready for a two and a half hour by boat to Dar es Salaam. Once you come ashore, you will be picked up and driven to your hotel,


Day 11.Bagamoyo historical site

Active Tanzania Adventure  after breakfast you will be picked to the hotel drive to Bagamoyo for a historical site and a beach holiday area, Bagamoyo can be visited on a daytrip from Dar es Salaam
The name Bagamoyo are said to mean one of two; either way the name comes from the two words bwaga and moyo. Bwaga can be traslated into to put or throw down, moyo means heart.
If the name comes from the slaves, it would traslated mean “chrush your heart” – for now as they were boarding the ships sailing for the slave marked all hopes of escaping and return home were gone. This small town, and its port, was the major goal for all the slave caravans to reach from the deep inlands.
Evening drive back to the the Hotel at Giraffe ocean View Hotel


Day 12 Dar es Salaam – Amsterdam

Active Tanzania Adventure  you get a full day to relax at the hotel while waiting for the plane that leaves around midnight.

End of Active Tanzania Adventure .

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