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6 Days hadzabe Cultural Tour bushmen Study about the history, culture, and biodiversity of Tanzania Cultural Tours and Safaris, Culture Tours, Tanzania cultural safari and wildlife safari

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Small groups of hadzabe bushmen live around lake eyasi.Their language resembles the click languages of other bushmen further south in the kalahari. Their small population was seriously threatened, in particular during the period when Julius Nyerere tried to introduce his ujuma policy. The tribe resisted the forcible settlement policies of Julius Nyerere and nowadays most of their children have never seen a doctor or school – the bush provides for all their needs and is a class room for their offspring.

They are often willing for visitors to come and see their simple bush homes where the tree canopy alone or a cave provides them with shelter. They live entirely off the bush and from hunting, generally small antelopes and baboons, although in rainy seasons gazelles and antelopes come down from the ngorongoro or serengeti to their then lush bush lands offering them richer pickings. In the recent past their hunting activities were resented by trophy hunters who tried to stop their “illegal” hunting

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6 Days hadzabe Cultural Tour bushmen

Day 1

Arusha – Tarangire National Park

Drive to tarangire national park for game drive till lunchtime. Lunch is picnic in the park. After lunch more game drive till sunset. Tarangire is famous for the big herds of elephants and huge baobab trees. Lots of birds, flora and fauna.

Dinner and overnight; tarangire public campsite.

Day 2.Tarangire Park –Lake Eyasi – cultural interaction.

6 Days hadzabe Cultural Tour bushmen early breakfast then take a rough road to lake eyasi, another soda lake in the rift valley arrive in afternoon – then cultural interaction with the tatoga tribe (a very interesting tribe) our tatoga guide at the village will lead the tour.. We will spend these days exploring on foot this dry and rugged landscape, which is still inhabited by a small group of bushmen: the hadzabe or watindiga, who still live in bands, hunting with bows and arrows; gathering roots, tubers and wild fruits, as the humankind lived 10,000 years ago. Another interesting tribe in this area are the datoga (also called the barabaig or mang’ati). Initially, they were exercising a lot of rivalry over grazing land with the maasai overnight at the campsite

Day 3 .Lake eyasi – Serengeti National Parks.

6 Days hadzabe Cultural Tour bushmen after breakfast you will then depart to serengeti national park via the famous ngorongoro crater. Sooner as you enter ngorongoro crater you’ll be able to see some wildlife en route. You’ll stop briefly on one of the viewpoints on the rim of the crater to enjoy the magic views of the crater. Drive to serengeti – seronera area with game drive en route followed by (picnic lunch), more game drive.

Dinner and overnight; mapito tented camp or seronera campsite.

Day 4 Serengeti (seronera area)

6 Days hadzabe Cultural Tour bushmen full days ‘discover serengeti’ game drives. The day for the big cats – cheetahs, leopards and lions. Mostly you will go out for sunrise game drive at 0630am followed by b/fast at 0800am. More game drive till lunch time (hot lunch). Rest. Sunset game drives will start at 0300pm when it starts to cool down to 6:00pm. Drive back to the lodge/camp for dinner and after dinner you will go out for night game drive which is most missed by most travelers.

Dinner and overnights; mapito tented camp or seronera campsite.

Day 5. Serengeti – Ngorongoro Crater

B/fast, then drive to ngorongoro crater with game drives en-route. Short stop by the olduvai gorge (optional) – a famous historical site for a visit. A resident anthropologist will give a lecture about human evolution and life at olduvai gorge – 20milion years ago.

Dinner and overnight; rhino lodge or simba campsite – on the rim of the crater.

Day 6. Ngorongoro Crater Arusha

6 Days hadzabe Cultural Tour bushmen b/fast, descend into the crater for game drives in the crater. The crater is well known for the rare black rhinoceros. (picnic lunch) followed by more game drives later on ascend to the rim and drive back to Arusha.

End of 6 Days hadzabe Cultural Tour bushmen servises.

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