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Upgrade your volunteer experience by adding a safari to your volunteer experience –ensuring a memorable experience in Tanzania

Volunteering in Tanzania is a great way to discover a country, its culture and people while doing a meaningful job. You must be at least 18 years old, independent, outgoing and have a sincere desire to do volunteer work. Participants come from many different countries..

To travel to Tanzania and volunteer is becoming a popular way to experience another culture. Both young people in their gap-year and older people taking a career break travel to Tanzania in order to spend time working and traveling.

Gosheni Adventures Arusha, Tanzania organizes Volunteering Programs, Affordable Safari Holidays and Best Budget Tanzania Safari Tours Packages. Our Volunteer Program with wide range of Volunteer Work Opportunities in Arusha Tanzania allow you to do community work.

By traveling to Tanzania the volunteer makes a difference into our communities in different parts of  Tanzania that are rich in culture, variety and natural beauty; but where there is also poverty and disadvantage. Some companies arrange placements and courses for volunteers to develop skills in towns whilst others send volunteers to remote rural but areas of the Tanzania.

Volunteers fall into several groups the gap students that prefer a volunteer program that is comprehensive, fun and challenging. Normally such programs last from one to six months, month programs which they include – including training, on-site support staff, accommodation and travel insurance.

Summer Mini-Gaps are summer programs, for school leavers going straight to University, or University students during their summer break. School Expeditions: are from tens up to four to ten week expeditions for school groups. They This involves working in a community or school building project and then a safari or to climb up Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru.

Career Breaks are a fulfilling two week to six month program, which can be incorporated into existing travel plans – including training, support and initial accommodation.

Popular volunteer work in the towns usually involves working with the street-boys. These programs need volunteers to commit to at least three months. They are quite involved and require working on the streets to build up a relationship and trust with the street-boys. Once they have come to the hostel returning them to their families is a priority with a follow up program to ensure the boys readjust to family life. The boys who are not able to return home or indeed have no families are sent to school, guided on how to live healthy and life skills are taught. Volunteers are expected to get involved with all aspects of this work.

Volunteering in Tanzania  the rural areas normally offer teaching positions  A normal week will have around 15 hours of English lessons. During lessons the volunteers may work with a Tanzanian teacher or may have a class all to themselves. The volunteer’s role is to focus on improving speaking and listening skills and building the children’s confidence to communicate. This means lots of fun and interaction, including games, songs dressing up, and any other creative activities that get the kids to using English. There are also roles at the kindergarten level where the children are normally between the ages of 4-7. This ere is a great opportunity for someone who loves playing with and entertaining children as well as teaching them Basic English. The Kindergarten is a less daunting environment but equally challenging and rewarding.

Volunteers soon adapt to the Tanzanian way of life that is dictated by the hours of daylight. With the absence of electricity, waking hours become fairly similar to daylight hours. There will be plenty of free time to relax, enjoy Africa, and get to know local people. It is important that volunteers come equipped to entertain themselves with books, musical instruments, paints, running shoes and a host of ideas that can be swapped with other volunteers.

Gosheni Adventures will arrange a “home stay” (stay with a family) or affordable accommodation for the entire period of your stay and prepare you a budget safari trip to explore the beauty and splendor of this diverse and ecologically rich paradise of Tanzania which include sing visiting Ngorongoro, Serengeti and other National Parks or Climbing up Mount Kilimanjaro the highest Mountain in Africa or a take you trip to Zanzibar for leisure at white sands beach and a visit to famous historical sites.

Volunteer work options

  • Orphanages
  • Legal Aid project
  • HIV/AIDS Project
  • Medical/Healthcare Internship
  • Teaching English /Women’s Project
  • Community Project
  • English Boarding School